Monday, April 19, 2010

The slowest kid on the shortest bus

At first when I came across these people verification tools on the web, you know the ones that reduce all the spam,  I thought it was funny that in order to verify that I exist, all I have to do is copy a few numbers and or letters into a box. Pefect, at least I have some way to verify my lowly existence.
Those joy joy feelings dissipated rather quickly after many mishaps of misread numbers. These fucking word verifications taunt me with their misleading letters that are fuzzed over so badly it would be like trying to find your teeth after not brushing them for a month. The fact that you need the assistance of a little blue wheelchair button so you can try again isn't very comforting either. Nor is the included speech button to let you hear what you are supposed to be seeing.
I think these facts alone are a  pretty good indication that the person who designed this 'existential button' is laughing himself out of his panties while plotting his next bit of fuckery.
It's like a game that I just never seem to win...making me feel like the slowest kid on the shortest bus. But then, maybe I was and everyone forgot to tell me.
~I surrender to The Writing Womb~


Patricia said...

Hi Indigo! Well, you're in luck! There's only room for two, it being the short bus and all. But not to worry, I saved you a seat right next to me. And, as an added bonus, all riders of the short bus get to joyously adorn their noggins with multi coloured beanie hats that have little propellers on the top. Thank you for riding the short bus I hope you will enjoy the ride.
~The Naked Writer

The Naked Writer said...

Oops I accidentally deleted your comment...sorry! I don't know how to relink your comment to this maybe you know?
Here's a repost of it.

Hi NakedWriter! Indigo here. You know, I get about one in three of these correct? I consider myself a well-adjusted individual with good eyesight and great spatial skills, but can I recognise half a dozen twisty letters and numbers? Save me a seat on the bus. Indigo


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