Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Thumbs up says it all

Smoking requires you to do something 20 + times a day and I just don't have that kind of attention span, so I had to quit.
The next time you see someone smoking, instead of lecturing them, give them the thumbs up and recognize the persistence and dedication it takes to be a smoker. That is of course, unless you are in Bangladesh, Iran, Iraq or Thailand; where thumbs up is an obscene gesture, equivalent to giving someone the middle finger.

And of course, always be mindful when giving a Gladiator from ancient Rome the thumbs up as this was the signal for death (you can thank me later for that tidbit of information should you ever meet up with Russell Crowe).
So when you give that smoker the thumbs up, just remember it's an all inclusive way of saying;  'good for you, fuck you and your gonna die'.
I for one, will be adding this gem of a gesture into my daily repertoire from now on.
I have always wondered why people say 'thumbs up' (plural) even if the person was only giving you one thumb up.
The ancient Romans, who appear to have invented the term, probably thought it too difficult to say 'thumb up' plus, it sounds weird. The only time it sounds right, is when using the term 'thumb up the ass' cause saying 'thumbs up the ass' can be quite confusing for those who are mathematically inclined...one hole one thumb right?
Well I finally solved this mystery that has been splinter in my brain. After tedious investigating, I found this top secret photo that just so happened to leak onto the internet. Apparently, the other thumb is invisible to the naked eye but with new technology, we can clearly see both thumbs up on only ONE hand!  
It appears that ancient Romans had it right after all...they were light years ahead of their time. 
~I surrender to The Writing Womb~

Top secret site

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Marsy said...

I can see one thumb and three hands.
Does that mean I am retarded?


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