Monday, May 10, 2010

I Thought I Had No Friends, Until I Checked Out The Junk Mail Section Of My Hotmail Account!!

Wow!  In 22 days since becoming a Blogger, I have made some great friends, but didn’t know it because their emails were being blocked as Junk Mail!
*shakes head*
'Oh Hotmail, when will you ever learn?'

I checked out the ‘Junk Mail’ and was relieved that I did not miss out on all these unbelievable opportunities.

I  also felt thrilled that my popularity stock has risen and there were lots of emails that needed urgent responding to and people who needed help.

Oh, I feel so important now!

The pressure is on, as expectations are very high, with urgent emails from Allah himself and very important business matters to attend to from Abdoul, Mr. Buba and Mr. Mohamed.

How did I become so popular as to catch the eye of all these millionaires and God himself?

Hmmm, maybe it was the award I got a couple of days ago?  God always wants to deal with award winners!

Also, I am awesome, so of course all the millionaires would want to discuss important things with such and important person and split their fortunes with me as long as I help them with a few tiny details!

Boy, I sure am a lucky girl to have so many people (and God) that need my immediate attention and help.

I can’t wait to tell Dr. Foladay Dagogo, that yes, he can in fact trust me with his secrets of how they got the caramel in that yummy chocolate bar.

Dr. Foladay Dagogo will just require some simple banking information from me so he can then entrust me with all of his new found inheritance money, until he can take a boat from his country and reward me handsomely for being his BFF.

I guess they don’t have banks in his country so how fortunate it is for him that I just so happen to have a bank account to house his enormous fortune! OH LUCKY DAY FOR ME!

I can’t wait to send them all my personal banking information, social security card info and mothers maiden name…so I can help them expedite the financial transactions…cause that’s what new best friends do right?  Excellent!

So, you guys will be reading a blog written by a millionaire in 10-14 days when the bank wire has finally been processed!


I knew this was my calling and that being a Professional Blogger would pay off!

~I surrender to The Writing Womb~


Brans~Muffin said...

Oh I think Im dealing with his Cousin the Count Of Dubai Majietek Farruek who came into an inheritance that his country wants to seize, Only I can save his fortune! I just have to send him my account information or My Financiers contact information, blood type and bra size, and craigslist password! We should start a Millionaires support Blog!

IndigoWrath said...

Hey Ms. Nekkid! Good grief, it's Fortune and Glory! The world is your oyster! Hey, can you lend me ten 'til payday? Indigo

The Naked Writer said...

@Brans wow! how lucky are we huh? ummm so, what is your bra size? inquiring minds want to know...that's a great idea the international millionaires support blog or we could just build a bank in the east they are obviously in desperate need of one!!!
@indigo sure i can lend you 10...i will bet you will spend it all on meaty domino's and cool phones!

Sara said...

I was dealing with a long lost relative overseas just a couple of years ago. I gave the guy all my bank account information so I could receive my inheritance (lucky me, right?!) but for some reason it never came through. I guess it was an unlucky day.

And now that I think about it, that whole month was pretty unlucky. A bunch of money went missing from my account that same month.... weird.

Matthew said...

When you get rich, can I borrow some money for that herbal viagara those nice people want to sell me? :)

magiceye said...

:) luck favors the naive?

Jacob Lewis said...

You still haven't sent me your credit card, social security number, phone number and address along with a small donation and a few strands of unwashed hair so I can send you the keys to the unclaimed palace of your ancestors from Quebec that is sitting in my backyard. Oh, and I also need those naked pictures if you want access to the second floor, too.

Kiki said...

LOL!!! I think I have an Abdul from the bank of Nigeria...All I have to say is REALLY???


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