Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Warning: This Blog May Cause Nostril Projectiles A.K.A. Snot Rockets, Consider Yourself Warned!

Lately I have been glued to reading a really funny blog by Brans Muffin called Muffins, Can Too Be Classy!  I love  this blog for how funny and sassy it is...Brans Muffin inspires me to be more Awesommer than I already am!

This is a self portrait of my awesomeness!

I have received the first ever,  Snot Rocket Power Award from Brans and it is truly an honour.
Here is what Brans had to say:

 "It is with my Muffany pleasure that I issue the first I Love Your Blog Achievement: Category Humor :
The Snot Rocket Award!

To: The Writing Womb.

In honor of your attempts and successful execution of Items Blown From the Nose of your readers while combing your blog spot!

It has been reported that the following items have been projected: including but not limited to...Coffee, Tea, Soda, Juice, and well.... Snot Rockets!

Your page should come with a warning!

Consider: The following blog will cause extreme LOL-ing and my cause you to all together loose your A (L-M-*-O ). Readers should not attempt stifling any laughter brought about by this page! Do not drink or eat while reading this page! Never Ever place hand or other Items over mouth to prevent from spitting on your key board or monitor, Just go ahead and spit, its less gross! Should you catch yourself attempting Stifle-age do also.... cover your nose...the built up pressure of Stifling and mouth cover will cause Nostril Projectiles aka Snot Rockets!
~The Muffin Club"

Also, A big Thank you to Yoga Savy at Living Laughing Breathing for the 'Mind Blowing Blog' award.

Man, it seems I am awarded for blowing your brains out and helping you accomplish your projectile snot dreams. I wonder how any of you are still around to read this stuff that I write. Unless, dah dah dah (cue the scary music) you are all Zombies needing to read blogs for sustenance...yes that makes more sense on why you might want to visit me....BLOGS, need more Blogs...

Thanks to you Zombie readers, for without you, I wouldn't have written a post today cause I too am a Zombie (halfling) that needs to read other peoples Blogs for proper nourishment!

PS I didn't feel like writing today or writing much lately cause
E.M.O. started stalking me again but I thank you for the fun emails you guys have been sending me...it helps to brighten my day a bit! To read about E.M.O. go here.

PPS Did having really large font fool you into thinking that I actually had content in this post? Of course it did, (slaps head with hand) you guys are Zombies and as we all know, Zombies think that bigger is actually more (it's a scientific fact, I consulted with a Zombie expert)

PPPSS Watching the first 5 seasons of

'The Office' has also helped to keep E.M.O. at bay;  Michael Scott and Dwight Schrute are the best anti-depressants I know of!

~I surrender to The Writing Womb~


Lizanne said...

Sweetie, your blog makes me lose all my bodily fluids... in fact, I need to award you with that fact pronto.

Missie said...

I'm still LMAOing and I really needed that this morning! Congratulations!

Jacob Lewis said...

Well that pretty much covers all your bodily fluids for topics. Doesn't it?... DOESN'T IT??!

Oh man, I think I might have to skip the next blog...

Midwestern Mama Holly said...

Sorry, couldnt find you on Twitter.
Not Spam... promise. Holly

I passed along the versatile blogger award to you - http://midwesternmamah.blogspot.com/2010/05/hey-yall-i-got-award.html

Mimi said...

I'm gonna kick some E.M.O. ass, that's what I say...ps- puff is here, I did tell him and his 'man' about the gum story...they especially appreciated it and I got to be the star telling it....so funny girlfriend...puffarama says "HI".
love love

Kiki said...

"The Office' has also helped to keep E.M.O. at bay; Michael Scott and Dwight Schrute are the best anti-depressants I know of!"


Scott Free said...

I concur with Brans Muffin! (Randomly, I have always wanted to concur with a muffin. One of the best things you can do to a muffin, besides, perhaps, eat it.)

Bitsy Baby Photography said...

Congrats on your award =) And I'm into your kinda anti-depressants!!!! What will we ever do when there when their gone?!?! Read more blogs I suppose.

Sara said...

Did you see the latest episode of The Office?

"If I had two bullets and was in a room with Toby, Bin Laden, and Hitler... I would shoot Toby twice."

Fucking classic.

The Naked Writer said...

@ Lizanne; funny award, i can't wait to put it up tomorrow ty
@Missy, are you congratulating me for making you laugh? or am i having a baby by miraculous conception and everybody forgot to tell me?
@Jacob, you are not allowed to skip any of the posts...you never know, i may have body fluids you never heard of before, stay tuned
@midwestern ; awww wow, thanks for the award that is super awesome....there was none and now there's a whole bunch thanks for thinking of me
@MIMI I wish i was there with you guys! say hi to puff and new boy toy for me and give them my love...ha i can just picture you telling that story...probably better than i could...glad it gave you guys a laugh ;o)
@KIKI i agree with how you agreed with me
@scott; actually, there are a lot of things you can do with a muffin, you would be surprised, i am writing a post about it as we speak but there is one thing you must never do with a muffin...stay tuned
@bitsy baby; thanks! I would watch reruns and then form a group where we could pretend to be 'the office' and make up our own hilarious sketches..actually i could do this now with just myself and it would be equally entertaining
@SARA SPOILER ALERT! i have only seen up to season 5...i live in the jungle baby and there isn't any tv where i live and my wifi connection is super slow like 1 kb per hour or something horrendous like that...so i have to wait till i get home (next year) to buy season 6 booo you could reenact it and send me short video clips of 2 min or less ( i am sure it won't take more than a day to download that)
Thanks for reading guys you are so awesome...your comments make me smile! ;o)

Brans~Muffin said...

You are so welcome and so deserving!
Scott...She's Right! There ARE A LOT of things you can do with a Muffin!

吐息 said...

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Simon said...

Bravo, good sir.

The Naked Writer said...

@ Muffin, i knew you would know
@the guy with boxes for a name ....um, thanks i have never received a bunch of boxes as a comment before...do i get to look into each one of them and see what i have one...or are they supposed to be interpreted...oh let me interpret then, cause only I can read 'BOX' it says, and I quote "thank you for being so awesome, i didn't know anyone could be so awesome and you amuse me with your crafty way of using the English language, i will buy your blog for 1 million dollars, sincerly, Mr. Foloday Dagogo...the king of Permisia"
wow, that was quite the comment boxy! Please send my million dollars to the jungles of thailand half way between the ant hill and the cashew nut tree 90210 thank you
@Simon UMMM last time I checked, I was a woman, unless you found something that I could never see? then Bravo to you sir!

Simon said...

I'm new to this site, yo.


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