Friday, May 21, 2010

The Weekend Funnies Series #2 My Obnoxious Grey Hair

The Weekend Funnies is here! Time to chill out, give your funny bone a tickle and give your brain the rest it deserves.

This is a weekly adult comic strip I have created for all you weary 9 - 5ers and Weekend Warriors.

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This segment is brought to you by:

My Obnoxious Grey Hair

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To check out the first issue of The Weekend Funnies, My Angry Teeth,  click here

This round:

Teasey Tweezy: 1
Obnoxious Grey Hair: 0

~I surrender to The Writing Womb~


Simon said...

That's not disturbing at all.

IndigoWrath said...

Hey Trish! Italian grey hair?! COOOL! Loved the tweezers, too! Indigo

Brans~Muffin said...

Now Im Paranoid My Hair is being Suffocated every four weeks with bleach! Im disturbed that now my Gray hair is more then just a gray, Im sure!, I think I was better not knowing it actually had a life of its own! Ugh!!!!!!!!

Scott Free said...

DEAR LORD! I know that grey hair's Italian, but what is the pair of tweezers? Gungan? *is terribly frightened at the thought of Jar-Jar Binks Tweezers* AHHH!

Lizanne said...

You're such a goofy goober, Trish.

Midwestern Mama Holly said...

Cant wait to find out what happens when she finds Mr Gray hair in the lady garden!! Mama Mia thatsa gonna be a hoota . =]

Clare and Gary said...

Ha ha.. although I'm long past tweezers.... I now have to bring a root touch up kit on business trips ...GRrr
You wait to you find your 1st grey pube... I was mortified... Tweezers still work here thankfully!.. although 36 year old husband has now labelled me 'Granny grey pube' ..thanks!

woman:confused said...

I thought I was the only one who would only find gray hairs when they ATTACK BIRDS FROM THE TOP OF MY HEAD - what's up with that? The whole "oh, I'm gray. Now I'm going to STAND UP AND BE HEARD!"
Love the pics :)

The Naked Writer said...

@Simon lol at the hint of sarcasm i detected there!

@Indigo thanks yeah I am 1/2 Italian and I never saw it until that grey hair popped up to say hello and then I was like, oh here we go!

@Brans lol don't worry, greys like to play dressup too and they thrive in bleach...they just don't like tricky tweezers see?

@Scott LMAO Jar-Jar Binks Tweezers that's so funny, I totally didn't even know I was creating that! See how deeply embedded Star Wars is in my subconscious?? Lucas is amazing!

@Lizanne yes, but it takes a Goofy Goober to know a Goofy Goober!

@Midwestern I am sure when thata happens you all will be the first to read about it is, I am now paranoid and check every day to make sure I beaver has no blue hairs

@Clare AKA Granny Grey Pube, i laughed so hard at that name that i had to read your comment like 10 times just to really let the full effect of it sink in deep! Oh that is one hell of a priceless name

@woman confused yeah it's weird that they just sprout up hoping to be seen huh? you would think those greys would be a little more on the down low so they could infiltrate the rest without detection but they seem to be a little beligerant at times.

Anti Vigilante said...

Consider your blog format (not theme) stolen. I think I may have a section called Paranoid Saturdays, just to poke fun at trigger fingered debunkers of unofficial truth.

So I think it's like Monday Edition, Mockingbird Chatter on Thursdays, Paranoid Saturdays, and Sunday Dossier where I link, double check, and connect the dots on all the previous stories. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday are for promoting Magnanimous Group activities.

Today is how not to get evicted day. As in Fit Hit the Shan but I'm not done yet.

Writing Womb said...

@anti lol I love your ideas...paranoid Saturdays will be a fun read! lol let me know how not getting evicted works out you have a very quirky sense of humour!

Anti Vigilante said...

I decide Paranoid Saturdays will be called Pax Paranoia.

LOL. Could use a co conspirator I don't draw well.

Writing Womb said...

Wish I could help you be a co conspirator on your Pax Paranoia but I have too much on my plate as it is :o( loving the idea and the blog though

Christi Johnson said...

This is the exact same ritual I go through every Saturday before leaving the house. lol Great work. Sorry I didn't see it previously. I am still playing catch-up.


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