Friday, June 11, 2010

The Devil Behind The Woman

If the devil were a woman, it would be her.

An undercover gypsy ready to curse with that cold, hard stare.

Medusa in disguise, black soulless eyes,

Fills me with anger and dread.

Eyes that have no purpose other than to chastise and hate.

Unfeeling, unflinching they look right through me,

As if I never even existed,

As if I were more invisible than air.

Pupils that are permanently fixed into a tight contraction,

Tighter than her hardened jaw and pursed lips.

A low brow, to shadow the infectious, callousness of

Evil and hate that emanate from her Corneas of Hell.

A misery that doesn't even love company but takes pleasure

In destroying me with one blackened look.

As if I belong on the bottom of her shoe and will never be worthy

Of anything, not even her loathsome gaze.

Eyes that haunt me, make me feel so small,

Forever unforgiving, I flinch in their presence.

A need to slap some sense into her, to see me in a different light,

A need to shake those eyes, until they soften for a moment,

And scream at her;

“Wake up, wake up you evil bitch! Aren't you burdened with those heavy Bags of hatred that have taken root under your lush lashes?
It was just a disagreement and so long ago,
Can't you see you are imprisoned by the past?”

I have a need to see the real woman behind those cold hard beady eyes,

Maybe then, I can stop hating her ugly, spiteful, putrid presence,

And start to understand and begin to love, the woman behind the Devil.

Yay! So, the dry spell is over, I am no longer creatively constipated!
Thanks for all of your comments they helped a lot.
A special thanks to these two bloggers:
Rich at Adventures Of A Corn Turtle Hunter and Miss Nikki at Life's A Bitch, you two really inspired me to tap into something that irritates me and for some reason this woman on the island that I know popped into my head and I had to write about it. See, not liking someone can actually be a useful tool to getting over writers block. Actually, it seems that anything that really emotionally revs you up, seems to get rid of creative constipation.

Lesson learned, thanks guys!

For more of my poetry, go here

Devil's Eye Picture by: Brian Frick

~I surrender to The Writing Womb~


IndigoWrath said...

Yay for the virtual enema!

Lizzie said...

Oh thank God, I was reading it going, "crap I hope that isn't her mother"! lol
Thanks for swinging by my blog, visit anytime.

Cheryl said...

This poem really caught me up in its rhythm. I was surprised you were actually writing about someone else. It speaks of such loathing and contempt, it's hard to believe there's someone in your world who feels this much hatred.

Writing Womb said...

@ Indigo Thank goodness, I needed one!

@Lizzie actually, what's really funny is she reminds me so much of my mother and we get along just as well ;o)

@ Cheryl i know, it is really tough to know that someone dislikes me this much...i have tried to be friendly but this woman can really hold a grudge and it wasn't even something to hold a grudge's uncomfortable each time i see her, it makes my skin shrink with all the negativity ewww...i wish we could just smile at each other and let it go already!

Midwestern Mama Holly said...

I see you've met my first MIL.

YogaSavy said...

The emotions are strong and filled with anger. Some friendships are just not meant to be. By releasing the negative energy one prevents it from festering within, which tends to lead to destruction.

cjschlottman said...

Such a strong a visual poem, flows so nicely, thanks to your gift of meter. Pain is hard to unbox and let go of, but you have done so in a beautiful and through provoking way. Thanks.

Oh, and thanks for your comment on The Red Sweater. Hope to see you soon - here and there!

Tall Englishman said...

Haha. Love it!!

Behind every successful man is a woman, behind her is his wife. Groucho Marx

Natalie said...

Holy crap! I DO NOT like this woman! I am not a huge poetry fan, but I "got" this! It made me feel, and it invoked strong emotion. Wow!

Thanks for visiting my blog - I'm glad we found each other, and I'm looking forward to getting to know you!

Rich said...

Thanks for the Pimpage! :) I had a few employees like that in the first store I ever ran. These ladies HATED me, and I have no idea why? Especially since I am so lovable! Glad I could be of assistance.

Chara Lynn said...

Stopping by and giving a quick hello, you are always there to keep me on my toes. Thank you for that! I am going thru some extremely rough times in my personal and work life, I need all the help I can get. Jewelry business not going so well right now either...AAHHRRGG!
So a big thank you again!
Stay Fabulous...btw, LOVE this post

marymac said...

Love your blog and this poem! Thank you for finding me (Studio 30) so I could find you, too!

Brans~Muffin said...

This was awesome

Didactic Pirate said...

There are like five people I'd like to read this to out loud. Probably not wise.

Writing Womb said...

@ Midwestern wow, that would suck if this is how your first mother in law treated you...i would of exchanged her too!

@yoga savy, true some friendships aren't meant to be but to hold a grudge for this long over something so trivial, has got to be uber toxic on her, i know when i get in her presence, i feel really gross inside, it's just awful! i would rather just make peace so i don't have to feel that if i bump into her again

@cjscholottman thank you for the beautiful compliment, it can be tough to capture such a raw emotion

@tall englishman, great quote!lol

@Natalie, i usually don't 'get' other people's poetry either! for some reason, it's easier for me to vent in poetry so i try to limit those kinds of posts to once every other week or so...i know it's a huge turn off for a lot of people but it is cathardic, glad you 'got' it and thanks for visiting new friend!

@Rich, I love to pimp out other blogs, so your welcome! it was much deserved! there is nothing worse than that feeling of what did i do to deserve a look that could kill huh?

@Chara, thanks for stopping by, i missed you! life is a funny bitch huh? hope you get it all sorted out, i am sure there are lessons to be learned some where in all of that stay fabulous too love!

@marymac, cheers, it's great to find other like minded people out there

@brans thanks honey, where oh where has my bransmuffins posts gone? are you on blogging strike? write something soon!

@didactic pirate, your name is the best name i have ever read! all these awesome visuals are envoked through the mere reading of it! if you read this poem out loud to those 5 people, make sure to video tape it and put it up on u tube i bet you would get a million hits (literally and figuratively) thanks for stopping by

Chara Lynn said...

Havent heard from you in a bit, hope all is well with you! Just wanted to stop by and say hello. i also got you something, yes I know you already have one, but this one is from me! HA!
Stay Fabulous

Amy said...

OMG..that's false statement:P there's no DEVIL behind me lol

Jimmy said...

Women are angry with your point of view but I am agree


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