Monday, October 04, 2010

Rainbows and Dolphin Farts

My new bloggy friend Marcy over at Giddy fingers  commented on my last post about laser hair removal saying "If I were to do it I would get my entire body lasered (apart from my eyebrows and head otherwise I'd just look like a freak dolphin)"

This image in my mind made me laugh so hard a little brain flew out of my left nostril (even though I don't have much brain to spare, it was totally worth it).

So here it is, the dramatic before and after Laser Hair Removal of Miss Giddy Fingers. Check out her blog she's totally hilarious!



Now that is one sleek and sexy Laser Hair Removal procedure! That's Dolphin Hawt!

I wanted to show the before and after pics of Spiderman's buttery balls but alas, those pics were waaaayyy too graphic even for this naughty little blog *crooked smiley face*

Anyways folks, I won't be able to blog again till next Thursday due to a redardedly busy schedule that has just happened upon me *wipes tear from eye* I will miss you all so much *Oscar winning performance*
So, until then, keep it smooooth!
Kisses and Dophin farts to you all!
Patricia ~ The Naked Writer


CkretsGalore said...

Have fun (I'm going on VACAY..boooyah) working. MWahahah

PS: Your next post should have a dolphin farting rainbows. That would be so effin' classy.

Occasionally called Robbie said...

Great images! I found the part of your brain that flew out of your nose, though I then stoopidly dropped it in my bag of walnuts - I'll let you know how it tastes :)

Marsy said...

My dear Womb.

I cannot tell you how utterly chuffed I am with this post you have dedicated to me! I am so happy that I did a little pirouette in the living room (which is too small and so I bashed my leg against the table and now have a bruise). But I will love this bruise with all my heart because it was made out of pure love for this post.

I love the portrait you made of me too it looks eerily just like me especially with the white underwear. But you would know all about that because you are my FF.

I salute you!

Marilyn said...

What can be added? I am glad I didn't spew my coffee all over the screen when I saw the pictures. You are evil...that means you live a little.

Sandra said...

Your visuals are so much better than mine! Thank goodness you are a technological intellect so you can actually show us the after effects of lasering one's entire body. I needed that!

Patricia ~ The Naked Writer said...

@ ckrets your name always f's me up i wanna say crickets for some reason *smiley face* ooooh dolphins farting rainbows would be very classy indeed i will draw that for you for sure on my next post and dedicate it to you oh wise one

@occassionally *huge belly laugh* i love that my brain blends in with walnuts...i bet it tasted like cheese but like a slightly less tasty version of philidelphia cream chesse...really i didn't know that a brain could fly so far maybe it has super powers or a cape or something...*pow *kazam super hero brain piece to the rescue up up and away, must save all walnuts from the evil clutches of 'Occasionally called Robbie' HA! i smell a new blog post coming on!

@Marsy..oops sorry about the misspelling of your name sometimes i totally don't pay attention to details someones name...sorry about that will change it when i have a few moments to spare
i have one question for you though, what the hell is chuffed? that is totally a new and fancy word that i would like to start including in my vocab it kind of sounds like it could be really dirty like 'i was so horny last night i just chuffed one out' or it could also be an angry word like 'that guy made me so angry i chuffed him right in the wanker'
or maybe its a terminal thing you go to the doctor and he's all like,
'i am sorry patricia but you have the itis of the chuffed' and i am all like 'oh no say it isn't so, not the itis of the chuffed how terrible, how long do i have to live doctor?'
so you see as i am so terribly confused at the multitude of meanings this could have i will need some clarification on your end! glad you enjoyed your post and yes it was me peeping behind your bushes taking those pics of you in your white underware you sexy thang you! xx

@marilyn *fail* my evil plan has failed me again...what will it take to make you spew your coffee onto your computer screen i hereby vow to try harder next time *evil smiley face* MUUAAAHHHHAAAHHHAAA (evil Laugh cd 4 track 6)!

@Sandra yes my highly advanced technological intellect has once again helped all of the blogging community to fully understand the after effects of laser surgery happy to be of some help glad it's clear for you now

Marsy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Marsy said...

im chuffed you have been spying on me from the bushes. I thought I could see some hair inbetween the leaves :)

Chuffed is not a disease im happy to say and its also not a dirty word unfortuntaley but it is another way of expressing being very happy.

So let's get chuffing baby!

AKA said...

Funny pics. i LMAO

bettyl said...

Is that the hair left on her head or one big eyebrow?!?

Vic said...

wheres my friend

Patricia ~ The Naked Writer said...

@Marsy i still think chuffed should be a swear word...but i love that you used it as a term of endearment :o)

@aka thanks!

@bettyl lol it does kinda look like one big eyebrow...but no, it's the hair left on her head :o)

@ vic ...ummm I am a total slacker I will post again on is super busy right now...can't wait for another installment of freckles and that blog :O)

chat with you all soon looking forward to having some time to catch up on all your new posts :o)...damn it ...i use way too many smiley faces :o)

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