Thursday, February 02, 2012

60 Day Juice Fast Day 3 - The Coffee Enema; How To Do One.

Yay, it's Coffee Enema Day!  First some Stats;

Weighed in at 179 lbs today; that means 8.5 lbs lost in two days :o) Even though that is all water weight, it's still pretty amazing! I have had a constant annoying twitch in my right eye since the beginning of October that no matter what I did, never went away....I haven't felt that twitch in 2 days! Hooray! Feeling great, tonnes of energy, totally inspired and no detox issues today ie no headache or tiredness.

If I had to complain, I would say that I have TOO MUCH energy and it feels and seems like I am high on Crack. I just want to talk fast, move fast and I am super fidgety! I am going to use all this extra energy to clean my house and do some yoga.

Check out the videos below for information on how to do a Coffee Enema, video 2 deals with Parasite cleanse and creating a sacred space when administering an enema. Both videos are jammed packed with lots of good information.

As promised in the video, here is a run down of what I do in the morning BEFORE I drink my first juice. This really doesn't take that long and it helps me to feel ready to take on the detoxing day;

  1. Wake up; drink ½ litre or more of water. Take a pee for about an hour :)
  2. Stream of consciousness writing for 3 pages (helps to detoxify the mind and purge all the crap that you normally would worry about all day).
  3. Start the kettle (preparation for nettie pot and lemon drink).
  4. Morning Kriyas this is some yoga cleansings that include a tongue scrape,brushing (using my finger) my gums and all around the mouth with salt using, wash the eyes with very cold filtered water (directly stimulates the 3rd Chakra which deals with will power).
  5. Nettie pot (nasal rinse) use 2/3 filtered water with 1/3 filtered hot water from the kettle and ¼ tsp of sea salt (non iodized) note; all the morning kriyas, including the nettie pot NEVER take more than 5 minutes and it really helps to wake you up and feel clean inside, get rid of the collection of grossness from your sleep and freshen up :o)
  6. Coffee/ParasiteEnema; as long as my roommate isn't home, if he is home skip to # 7 and do the enema at a later time.
  7. Body brushing for 3-5 minutes; Start circular on all areas (especially places with cellulite) and then brush upward vigorously
  8. Hot/Cold shower; Enjoy a nice hot shower and then on the final minute make the water as cold as you can stand it, be sure to really concentrate on these areas; the full length of the spine including the back of the neck, the under arms, and any cellulite areas you may have in your body ..for me, this is the backs of the legs. All that cellulite is excess fat cells and lymph cannot move there, so we need to help it move to get the toxins, deep breathing, gentle exercise with concentration on deep breathing (such as walking or tai chi), body brushing, deep tissue massages, saunas followed by a cold shower and hot/cold showers all work to stimulate the tissues and help drain the lymph from the body (note; this hot/cold routine may not be healthy for everyone...if you have high blood pressure or hypoglycemia; check with your dr. ). For quicker results, it is recommended to do 1 minute of warm/hot water followed by 1 minute of very cold water..and do this 3 x.
  9. Vigorously towel dry with a thick towel to invigorate the body and wake it up and help move the lymph.
  10. Drink hot water with fresh Lemon juice squeezed in it.
  11. Drink the Clay, Flax and Psyllium Husk drink. 1 tsp Redmond Clay (or high quality clay), 1 Tbsp Organic, GROUND Flax seed and 1tbsp of Psyllium Husk. NOTE: I usually prepare the clay portion of this the night before. Just add the 1 tsp of clay to a glass of warm water and let it sit overnight, this way it won't be gritty or gross tasting. In the morning when I am ready to drink it, I add the Flax and Psyllium and drink immediately or it gets all gooey and thick.
After all that is done, I wait for 20 minutes and I am ready for my first juice of the day.

Total time without the enema: 45 minutes (depending on how quickly I write my morning pages)
Total time without morning pages and enema; less than 30 minutes.
Total time with enema and morning pages; 1hour – 1 hour and 15 minutes (depending on how quickly you can prepare the concoction, get it in you and expel it. Sometimes, it can take up to an hour just for the enema alone. Be patient if you have just started doing enemas, your body might resist and I suggest you give yourself even more of a cushion for time in the beginning.

So, if you plan on doing these things I suggest you set aside at least an hour before you have to go about your day.
Any questions? Please feel free to contact me and I will do my best to answer them.
Till tomorrow, xo

Part 1; Coffee Enema Information

 Part 2: Parasite Coffee Enema & Setting the space

~I surrender to The Writing Womb~


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