Saturday, February 04, 2012

60 Day Juice Fast Day 5; The Dangers Of Over Cleansing!

Day 5 of my 60 day cleanse. I woke up feeling great and weighed in at 174lbs; 13.5 lbs lost in 5 days seems really too high! Oh well, I didn't feel hungry and I had a lot of energy when I woke up so I thought I would use it to cleanse even more. Arrrrr! Big mistake!

Don't be a dumbass like me and try to cleanse as much as possible, as quickly as possible. I almost landed in the hospital today. Nurture your body instead of forcing it into submission...lesson learned! I am now drinking more water to stay hydrated and trying to take it easy.

I find it difficult to want to drink lots of water and to want to drink 4 juices a day. I would rather just make and drink only two but clearly, that isn't giving me everything I need. So tomorrow I will increase juice intake. I am still on the juice fast, but mostly drank water today. Everything tastes too sweet, even the green drinks and my tongue is like sandpaper...anyone else have this issue while juicing? One website recommends to drink one whole head of celery per day to balance out the sodium levels and keep your tongue I will give that a go as well.  For more details on how I over cleansed, check out the video below.
Till tomorrow, stay juicy :)

~I surrender to The Writing Womb~

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