Tuesday, February 07, 2012

60 Day Juice Fast Day 8; Emotional Detox and Panic Attacks!

Day 8 of my 60 day juice fast was pretty uneventful...mostly I slept a lot and thought about all the things I should be doing but chose not to do :o)

I weighed in today at 174 still 13.5 lbs lost so no change since Friday.

Last week was really tough emotionally, especially days 4, 5 & 6...those days bitch slapped me silly. I found it difficult to concentrate (I still do), I also had a lot of the feelings I have been supressing with food come up...things like depression, panic attacks, tension, worry, lack of self confidence, self consciousness, anger and irritation (boy I bet that makes you want to do a juice fast huh?). At the time, they were all really difficult to deal with (especially the panic attacks), but after reflection, I was grateful to have felt these things. These are all the underlying issues that I have been trying to ignore by consuming mass amounts of food...everything I didn't want to face. I am glad I am in a space where I have some time to go through the emotion, deal with it (without using food as a coping mechanism) and research tools that can help me in the future.

I guess last week has taught me that I have been covering up a lot of things with food and now is the time to really sort through it all and work through it all so that I can become a healthier thinking individual who can use healthier coping mechanisms in the future. For further info, please watch the video below.
Happy juicing everyone!

~I surrender to The Writing Womb~


Gia said...

Hmm..honestly this is the longest juice fast i've heard of. I thought they were supposed to last a week at most!

Patricia ~ The Naked Writer said...

Hi Gia, if you have the right quantity and variety of juice...a juice fast can last safely for up to 90 days. This blog really inspired me when I read it http://jimmybraskett.wordpress.com/2007/06/25/92-day-juice-fast/ he does a 90 day juice fast...it's pretty amazing!

Gia said...

Haha "safe" and "tolerable" are two different things in my book ;)

Valerie said...

This is really a great tip. Actually one of my secrets for the best emotional detox is to have your health detox perfectly done first. I do this by taking chlorella supplement. And it is really effective for me.


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