Thanks to all for these awesome awards...I'm not worthy ;o) Ok, well maybe I am...but I just fooled you into thinking I was humble for a moment.

The Writing Womb has been honoured as being one of the 2010 Top 45 Humor Blogs, placing 2nd, runner up only to the awesome and deserving blog of Hyperbole and a Half. Thank you for granting me this very awesome award!

The Writing Womb has also been nominated for the 2010 Canadian Weblog Award for Best New Weblog, Best Comic Blog and Best Humor Blog. Thank you for the nominations everyone! I will know by January 1, 2011 if I won or not.
There are a few awards that you can still help me win! I have been nominated as Freakiest blogger, Best humor Blog, Best Entertainment blog, and Best Blog Of All Time by The Bloggers Choice Awards. If you would like to help me win, You still have time to voice your opinion and support this blog.


Awards From Other Blogs
From my virtual soul mate Lizanne gave me this cause I am so funny I make her boobs squirt milk apparently! Thanks love! Visit her website here

From Brans Muffin to caution others who read this blog about Snot Rockets or Nostril Projectiles
Visit her site here

From Yoga Savy for "blowing" something visit her here

 One Blonde Girl gave me this for my 'utter disregard for couthness' Imma so proud! Visit her awesome blog here

Someone thinks I'm beautiful ...doo dah, doo dah...someone thinks I'm beautiful, all the doo dah day. From Jenna @ sweetest surprise who gave me a box because my blog makes her 'think outside the box'. Visit her here

From Midwestern Mamah just because I am so all over the place..isn't that what versitile means? Visit her here

From Eolist Petite who claims I have something called 'Wit'. Visit her here

Cynical award from Jacob @ E-loumination who says 'she reeks of awesomeness'. Visit his site here

Thanks again to everyone for your support and wonderfully creative and inventive awards! I cherish them always!

This award is to Rich Let me know when you have it congrats also rich i am awarding you the i love your blog award grab the pic below your jelly bean award...pass on the awards as you see fit to others who are in need and deserving of such prestige ;O) just right click the pictures to save as and then put them on your blog ( i am sure you already know but just in case you don't ;o)

To Jenn here is your jelly bean award and also i am awarding you the i heart your blog too...let me know when you have gotten your awards so i can delete them off this page :o) right click and save pic as in your computer and then add them to your blog :o)

Patricia ~ The Naked Writer



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