Weekend Funnies Cartoons

Now that the weekend is here, is your brain on auto pilot? Do you have a hangover that needs to be cured? Did you party hard this weekend and now your brain doesn't want to read another blog till Monday? Are you bored?

Well, never fear, 'The Weekend Funnies' is here!

Chill out, give your funny bone a tickle and let your tired brain get the rest it deserves this weekend, by checking out the new Adult Comic Strip I am creating for all of you weary 9-5ers and Weekend Warriors.

You won't need to think or read much for this series that I am starting!
I will bring these comics to you, for as long as you 'like' them.
No need to comment (unless you really want to) just show your appreciation by clicking the facebook 'like' button at the bottom of this post or 'Digg it' and help lift the spirits of other Weekend Warriors ...you will find the 'Digg it' button just to the right of this cartoon under the heading 'Do you like this site? Share it with others'.

Thanks for reading, I hope that you will enjoy 'The Weekend Funnies'.

This is where you can find all of The Weekend Funnies in one spot.
Click on the Blue Series link to visit previous posts.
Thanks for reading, I appreciate your 'Diggs' and 'Likes'.

Series #1 May 15, 2010

Series # 2 My Obnoxious Grey Hair                 ~May 22, 2010

~May 29, 2010

~I surrender to The Writing Womb~



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